Parents are the most influential and lasting force in shaping the lives of children. Prepare Parents teaches parenting strategies that WORK!

Both short and long-term benefits are generated for kids, families, schools, and all of society as parents raise “our future” with guidance and support.


Linda Armas trains parents, schools, municipal and agency staffs to use routines for the purpose of teaching children to identify and complete responsibilies within a nurturing environment.

While routines benefit people of all ages, Linda specializes in teaching adults to design routines to guide the behavior of the children in their lives. Linda has created successful routines for families of children from the toddler years through high school.

Prepare Parents LLC Serves Parents 

Create-a-Routine Workshops teach the importance of guiding children’s behavior through routine. Parents are guided through the process of designing strong, effective, and productive routines.

Personalized Consulting Packages are available for parents who prefer individual guidance in designing and implementing a routine that fits their situation.

I can help you make the most of your parenting efforts.

  • I can help you design effective behavioral management that works with your kids.
  • I can help you and your children streamline responsibilities.
  • I can help you nurture a more peaceful home life.
  • I can help you to develop goal-oriented children.
  • I can help you promote relationships that support your parenting efforts.
  • I can help promote “calm” within families, especially families with a special needs child.
  • I can help you….

Parents Make a Difference
Schools Can Magnify Positive Parental Influence

By sharing early and collaborative efforts with parents, schools promote best practices at home as well as in schools. These collaborative first steps give way to more prepared youth walking through classroom doors, and on the streets of life. 

Prepare Parents LLC Serves Schools

I can help you support the parents of your students.

My Create-a-Routine Workshops:

  • Share best practices that complement school expectations.
  • Promote home and school partnership.
  • Fulfill Title I requirement for parent participation.

Prepare Parents LLC serves a wide range of groups and organizations that value children, and the parents who raise them.

  • Parent groups
  • School groups
  • Community meetings
  • Associations
  • Conferences
  • Medical/Mental Health businesses

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