Presentations and Workshops

Create-a-Routine Presentations and Workshops, and Author Chats

Both the Create-a-Routine Presentations and the Create-a-Routine Workshops teach the step-by-step process of creating an effective routine.

Appropriate for all community groups: Parents, Educators, Caregivers, Medical and Mental Health Professionals, etc. 

Create-a-Routine Presentation

60-75 minutes – This workshop discusses and demonstrates how routines have the influence and power to guide the behavior of children while maintaining family harmony. Participants are given direction for creating effective routines that can their personal or professional needs.

Create-a-Routine Workshop 

3 Hours – This workshop goes deeper into designing routines. It includes a “hands-on” component, in which participants will be guided through the process of designing their own practical and personalized routines.


We do some things every day – wake up, get dressed, brush teeth, etc. To do things the same way, and in the same sequence is to create a routine. After a while, we don’t think about the routine. We just do it! Being on “automatic pilot” for part of our day frees us to give our best attention to unfamiliar, challenging, or more desirable things that surround us. Helping children to automatize or create routines will minimize nagging, and afford kids the focus necessary to optimally learn and experience everything else!

While ALL families greatly benefit from this workshop, some families with children who have difficulty with organization and/or special needs such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Autism have reported life-changing positive effects.

Author Chats

Appropriate for book clubs, Mom’s groups, and community groups of 10-40 people.

Linda Armas discusses her book, THE FREEDOM OF ROUTINE. Participants have the opportunity to ask the author questions about her book.

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