About Linda Armas

Spanning almost four decades, I’ve taught multiple Early Childhood and Elementary levels in 2 states. My classes included a wide range of abilities and disabilities, as well as racial, cultural, and economic diversity.

In the early 1990’s, I designed and taught our district’s first 4K program for At-Risk preschoolers and their parents. I created personalized lessons, embedded with parent education and involvement. Throughout each session, I modeled developmental practices, and guided parents to practice those strategies with their child. Parents continued my teaching strategies with similar activities at home. The school-home partnership had a significant positive influence and impact on each child’s development and learning.

When I returned to classroom teaching, I continued my commitment to parent education by engaging my students’ parents. For almost 20 years, I taught evening district-wide parent classes that were tremendously valued and well-attended. Topics included Behavior Management Strategies, Understanding ADHD, and Promoting Strategies for Success.

Through all of my roles, I have consistently recognized that PARENTS ARE THE MOST INFLUENTIAL AND LASTING FORCE IN THEIR CHILDREN’S LIVES.

Through PREPARE PARENTS LLC, I continue my passion to guide parents to make the most of their parenting efforts: Creating their most effective behavior management, their most goal-oriented children, and their most peaceful home.

I also encourage communities and school districts to provide parents access to my practical and effective strategies. By working together, we will have best practices aligned at home, in school, and throughout our communities.
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