Behavior Management

Behavior management is a common issue within families, and classrooms of all levels. Creating routines that practice desired behaviors can make everyday life at home and school more peaceful and productive.

Linda Armas has created countless routines for others, as well as for her own family and decades of her students. Her experience designing successful routines for children of all ages, from potty-training toddlers to high school students needing homework organizational help has been widely praised.

Family Consulting is for parents who want individualized attention and a personalized routine to fit their particular child and/or family issues. Packages of eight-week sessions allow time to assess, develop, implement, practice, and evaluate a customized routine.

Workshops are available for groups to learn how behavioral management can be enhanced by utilizing routines for daily expectations. Participants learn to design routines that fit their needs. Some example routines include, but are not limited to:

  • Get Up-and-Out in the Morning
  • Peaceful Bedtime
  • Get-Down-to-Business with Homework
  • Keep-the-Calm during Dinner