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Teacher In-Service at Small World Inc, New Glarus, WI August 29, 2019

NO NAGGING – LET ROUTINES RULE!: This 3-hour workshop will provide a great beginning to the new school year! Children, teachers, staff, and administration of this Non-profit Early Childhood Center will reap the benefits of learning the “hows and how-to!” (HOW routines make classrooms run more smoothly, HOW routines nurture adult/child relationships, and HOW-TO design

Elm Lawn PTO, Middleton, Wisconsin March 19, 2019

This presentation was rescheduled as a result of extreme sub-zero Wisconsin temps in late January! Elm Lawn Elementary parents, teachers, and staff will learn to create routines that will help the children in their lives follow expectations and become self-monitoring, while nurturing adult-child relationships.