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Speaking Topics:

ROUTINES : Essential for Some, Valuable for All

60-90 minutes     For conferences and all groups


This presentation is designed to share the importance and effectiveness of using routines to help children pinpoint priorities, get things done, and nurture relationships.  The audience will learn how to use the Create-a-Routine Questions to design successful routines for the children in their life.

We do some things every day – wake up, get dressed, brush teeth, etc. To do things the same way, and in the same sequence is to create a routine. After a while, we don’t think about the routine. We just do it! Being on “automatic pilot” for part of our day frees us to give our best attention to unfamiliar, challenging, or more desirable things that surround us. Helping children to automatize or create routines will minimize nagging, and afford kids the focus necessary to optimally learn and experience everything else!

While ALL families greatly benefit from routines, some families with children who have difficulty with organization and/or special needs such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Autism have reported life-changing positive effects.

TITLE: Invest in Lasting Influence – Parents

30 minutes      For School Administrators and Municipal Leaders


Early, collective efforts can lead to short and long-term benefits for kids, families, and all of society. Since parents are the first responders to guide children/youth toward their aspirations and maximum potential, providing parental supports and guidance is a good investment. 

This short workshop is intended to inspire School Administrators and Municipal Leaders to invest in the parents in their communities, by administering effective, proactive parenting initiatives in their communities.

Linda Armas recommends her Create-a-Routine Workshop to train school, municipal, and agency staffs as well as for the parents that they serve. While routines benefit people of all ages, Linda specializes in teaching adults to design routines to guide the behavior of the children in their lives. Linda has worked with families of children from the toddler years through high school. She believes, “Parent education programs are as valuable as well-baby medical check-ups.”

Confirmed 2017  speaking engagements include:

March 6  Middleton High School – Child Development: Careers with Children

April 28-29  UW Stout Early Childhood Education Conference

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