Create-a-Routine Presentation
60-75 Minutes – This presentation discusses and demonstrates how routines have the influence and power to guide the behavior of children while maintaining family and classroom harmony. Learn how the Routines Rule! framework is powerful in getting children of all ages and abilities (and disabilities) to achieve your expectations. Participants are given direction and numerous examples for creating effective routines for their own personal and/or professional applications.

Linda specializes in teaching adults to design routines to guide the behavior of the children in their lives. Linda has created successful routines for families with children from the toddler years through high school, and those with gifted children and/or difficulties, disabilities, and disorders.

About Routines Mini Presentation
15-20 Minutes – This short presentation introduces participants to the Prepare Parents Routine Rules! framework that teaches children to complete expectations within nurturing relationships. An Author Chat pairs well with this About Routines Mini Presentation.

Moms Meet

NEW! 30-60 Minutes – Groups of Moms invite me to meet them at one of their homes (or at a coffee shop, park, church, etc.) for private sessions. Some Moms groups want me to present content about the ROUTINES RULE! framework. Some are interested in an Author Chat. Other Moms want me there to help guide them as they share ideas for implementing routines for their personal family use. Video sessions available.

Author Chat*
30-60 Minutes – This is your opportunity for direct dialogue with Linda E. Armas, author of:
THE FREEDOM OF ROUTINE: Teach Your Children to Pinpoint Priorities, Get Things Done, and Foster Life Skills While Nurturing Family Relationships.
Heighten your understanding of the Routine Rules! framework. The discussion with Linda and your peer group is designed to help prepare you for optimal implementation of specific strategies described in Linda’s book. Ask specific questions, and dive deeper into aspects of the book that target your needs.

*An Author Chat can stand alone, or can be a great add-on to either the Create-a-Routine Presentation or About Routines Mini Presentation.


Upcoming Create-a-Routine Presentations: