Linda customizes ROUTINES to address your personal parenting challenges.  A Consulting Package includes a personally-designed routine. It is available for parents who want 1:1 guidance in designing and implementing a routine to address a particular parenting issue.

It takes time and repetition for new behaviors to become a routine. In order to design, implement, and monitor a routine that will work best to meet your needs, it is essential for Linda to understand your parenting challenge, goal, family dynamics, and schedules.  Open and honest communication between Linda and parents is important to the success of this process.

The 8-week Consulting Package includes a free introductory consultation, up to 1 hour.

Then, weekly, one-hour sessions for 8 weeks follows. Parent(s) and/or child attends the sessions as appropriate.

Additional time may be purchased hourly. Promo-pricing may be offered during Linda’s workshops and/or speaking events.

Family Follow-Up Consulting Session

One 1- hour consulting session is offered for those who attended a Create-a-Routine presentation or workshop. During consultations, Linda addresses individual questions that arise, and offers suggestions and guidance for the parent to implement. (This offer does not apply following conference presentations.)

To discuss an 8-Week Consulting Package or Family Follow-up Consulting, contact Linda Armas directly: