Linda customizes ROUTINES to address your personal parenting challenges. 

It takes time and repetition for new behaviors to become a routine. It is essential for Linda to understand your parenting challenge, goal, family dynamics, and schedules  in order to create and implement a routine that will work best to meet your needs. Open and honest communication between Linda and parents is important to the success of this process.

A Consulting Package includes a personally-designed routine. It is available for parents who want 1:1 guidance in designing and implementing a routine to address a particular parenting issue.

The 8-week Consulting Package includes a free introductory consultation, up to 1 hour.

Then, weekly, one-hour sessions for 8 weeks follows. Parent(s) and/or child attends the sessions as appropriate.

Additional time may be purchased hourly. Special-pricing may be offered during Linda’s workshops and/or speaking events.

Contact Linda Armas to discuss Consulting Package details.