ROUTINES RULE! Create-a-Routine Workshop
3 Hours – Participants will leave this workshop with the knowledge, materials, and a personalized routine to begin implementing the next day!

Children do some things every day: to get up-and-out in the morning, eat meals, nap, complete homework, go to bed at night, etc. Yet, getting children to accomplish those and other daily activities seem to cause many adults frustration! The Routines Rule! framework is designed to help parents/teachers define the specific steps of goal behavior, and authentically and systematically reinforce the child’s accomplishment in doing so until the behavior becomes automatic.

Being on “automatic pilot” for part of our day frees us to give our best attention to unfamiliar, challenging, or more desirable things that surround us. Helping children to automatize or create routines will minimize nagging, and afford kids the focus necessary to optimally learn and experience everything else!

Learn how routines have the influence and power to guide the behavior of children, while maintaining family and/or classroom harmony. Join the discussion, demonstrations, and hands-on practice of creating effective routines to fit your particular needs.

Families with toddlers through high school-age children greatly benefit from these strategies. Some families with children who have difficulty with organization and/or special needs such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Autism have reported life-changing positive effects.

Upcoming Create-a-Routine Workshops: